The dream of living in a new country...


Spending your days sipping wine on a sun drenched terrace.

Only to make the leap and realise,

It can really get you down !


Not just the pull of your friends and family in your home country.

But, the fact that moving to a different country takes a lot out of you.


Integrating can be one the hardest processes to go through - or so I was lead to believe.


I want to share tips and info on what can pull you through the hardest of days.


You'll find info on working from home and keeping yourself happy too.

A self-help website for expats - if you like.


So make yourself at home and take a look around.

Hi, I'm Marie. A Brit in France.


☝ This is me in the GIF, whilst teaching online ☝


My move to France has been a success! Well, up until now it has been, Of course, you never know what's going to happen in the future.


I had a few worries about moving, that's inevitable.


More precisely about integrating, my concerns started with the fact that I am hard of hearing. Socialising in my mother tongue (English) is hard enough. I would often imagine how hard it would be trying to learn my target language.


Mix this in with moving to a place where I knew absolutely nobody.


The fact that most articles you read tell you that integrating is one of the hardest things to do when moving to a new country. Also, I moved to France where the people are supposed to unfriendly! Not something I've experienced at all! I didn't hold much hope for making fast progress in this area.


Despite this, integrating has been and still is the easiest thing I've done over here in France.


... And I want to help you make great friends too.


Seriously, If I can do it, you can too - probably better!


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